What is the best thing to seal diamond painting?

It's very easy to apply (just spray on), non-toxic and comes in different finishes and formulas. Mod Podge can be used to seal your diamond painting. It fills the gaps without problems and prevents dust from settling. You can also use an aerosol sealer to keep the rhinestones in place.

Brush sealants are an all-in-one solution to preserve your diamond painting for many years to come. They come in a variety of finishes and consistencies depending on your personal preference. If you plan to frame your diamond painting with a glass frame, you definitely don't need to seal it. However, the advantage of using sealants is that it will hold the paint in place without having to use a frame, especially on these lower quality products.

An advantage of using some type of craft sealant in these inexpensive diamond painting kits is that the pieces will stay together, preventing the beads from falling out while hanging and destroying the image. It does not fill in the small gaps between the diamonds and does not provide a top layer to keep the diamonds intact together and within the canvas. Sealing your diamond painting will lock all of the diamonds in place and significantly increase the longevity of your finished project. Diamond painting may lose shine after finishing with PVA glue, but the glue retains the paint for a long time.

If you plan to hang your diamond painting or use the extendable rod to display it, it's essential that you first seal the finished painting. The art of diamond painting can be a relaxing and satisfying activity that allows you to express your creativity, reduce feelings of stress and design new and unique decorations for your home. Just keep in mind that the unique brilliance of faceted diamond is only possible with bare and unsealed diamond drill bits. As you hone your diamond painting skills, you can try out new diamond art kits and give the finished designs as gifts to friends and family.

Just keep your paint flat on the table: the liquid sealant should cover all the gaps and the diamond drill bits. When it comes to using sealants as the finishing touch to your diamond painting, you have several options on the market today. Applying sealant to paint is optional, but it helps to fix the glass in place so you can preserve, frame and hang your art.

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