Where to start painting with diamonds?

Start from the top Gravity is at play, so make sure you start from the top of the canvas and work your way to the bottom. This will make your artwork easier to transport and maneuver, as you won't worry about the bottom being weighed, causing the rhinestones to fall off or slip. You can wait for this last step until you decide it's time to start working on this soon-to-be-shining work of art. I start at a corner of the canvas and slowly peel off.

After peeling off a section, I use my hand to re-smooth the transparent cover and observe that the canvas flattens from its rolled state. Most people peel off about half of the canvas, flattens it, and then twists it to repeat on the other side. I feel like this allows you to flatten the canvas while keeping the clear cover straight and reduces the risk of something coming into contact with the adhesive. You have to decide where to start.

It's better to start from the top and move down. If you are saving more than one diamond painting, use a thin sheet of paper to place it between the diamond paintings. I always start my diamond paintings in the upper left corner and work one color in an area of 40×30, then the next color in the corner, etc. This part of the kit should include a white tray for drilling, a clear glossy diamond pen with comfortable grip, pink wax, black tweezers and storage bags transparent.

To ensure that there are no frictional interruptions, apply masking tapes to the edges of the diamond painting canvas. Once I enter the area and my stress fades away, I find myself enjoying the relaxation of Diamond Painting. If any part of the canvas has lost its stickiness, you can buy special glue for painting with diamonds. If you use a little bit of force assuming that this is what it takes to fix the diamonds perfectly, let alone fix them, the diamond could jump out of place and get lost somewhere.

From professional frames to DIY foam board displays, the sky is the limit when it comes to displaying your finished diamond painting. There were too many drills and diamond holders besides all the diamonds and how to place them, well, it was too much and my anxiety skyrocketed. To avoid wasting time on little things like that, simply choose one diamond of each kind and stick it on the canvas parallel to the corresponding number. In addition to the lint roller, you can also use a mini vacuum cleaner to pick up the diamonds from the floor.

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