Who started painting diamonds?

Modern diamond painting was invented in China by Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co. Art is very similar to painting by numbers and cross stitch and has spread widely over the past five years. I just want to start by saying that diamond painting, as a new form of DIY crafts, is suitable for everyone and for any age. Observing the small tiles and placing each diamond in its place is an intricate job that develops your fine motor skills.

In addition to diamond painting of round beads and diamond painting of square beads, there is also a special and beautiful type of diamond painting. Smaller canvases are usually chosen by those who are new to diamond art, although larger canvases allow higher levels of pixelation and detail. As one of the millions of people who have joined the diamond painting fashion, you may have wondered where this addictive craft originated. The inventor of modern diamond painting came up with the idea of placing resin diamonds on a canvas as a means of overcoming the problem that glue did not provide strong enough adhesion on velvet.

The new DMC color chart for cross stitch thread (same colors for diamond painting) has 447 colors. This tool can also be called a diamond pen or stylus pen, and it is a hollow pen that the artist can dip into the wax and then pick up the diamond with the wax sticky enough. This level of quality is critical in preventing wrinkles and wrinkles, and the thickness of the canvas also helps ensure that the finished diamond art piece can withstand temperature variations while providing a base that makes the finished diamond art piece perfect for framing. The diamonds are made of epoxy resin and have a size of 2.8 mm, although some low-budget manufacturers use lower quality plastic or recycled materials.

I have done several diamond paintings and I really enjoy it, I prefer round diamonds more than square ones, the square takes a little longer and you have to place them more carefully. Decorating with diamonds is not a new craft, but a long time ago, they used to put them in a velvet material. In addition to the DMC-coded pre-printed adhesive canvas and matching diamond drill bits, most diamond painting art kits also come with the rest of the tools needed to complete a diamond painting from start to finish.

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