Are they worth painting with diamonds?

Painting with diamonds is an investment of time. At the very least, doing so can help offset your costs and finance your hobby. And, if selling isn't the right thing for you, donating or giving away your artwork is a great win-win alternative. Our editors selected these items independently because we think they will enjoy them and might like them at these prices.

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painting with diamonds

is a new craft hobby that is a mix between Paint By Numbers and Cross Stitch. With Diamond Painting, you apply thousands of tiny resin diamonds to a coded adhesive canvas to create brilliant diamond art.

Diamond painting kits are quickly gaining a reputation as a DIY hobby that appeals to craftsmen of all kinds. Creating art with small diamonds in the shape of beads to form a beautiful image is an excellent gift idea and could be just what your favorite craftsman wants this holiday season. Once you've finished your diamond painting, check out this recent post on stamping and framing to see some of the ways to preserve and display your work. Whether you're more interested in the physical appearance, such as honing fine motor skills, the mental health benefits associated with stress relief and improved focus, or if you just need a way to relax while spending time doing something productive, diamond painting can become the hobby you're looking for.

With a variety of sizes and prices, as well as 3D and 5D options, diamond painting allows you to create custom art pieces that fit any style and budget. Anyone who enjoys putting together construction kits, playing color matching games like Tetris or Candy Crush or even just coloring, will find a new open world for them when a diamond painting kit is available. Put down the remote control, close your laptop and turn on some tunes while you and your loved ones have a good time creating a masterpiece of diamond art. Zulily has a bunch of kits on sale right now, and we've put together a few others that might be worth checking out.

Like the therapeutic effects of filling complex designs with colored pencils, diamond painting allows the artisan to complete something that requires that rare mix of foolishness and mindfulness. For those familiar with cross stitching, you will be happy to know that diamond painting adhesive canvas is color coded using the same DMC color method as cross stitch. Some of the health benefits of meditative and relaxing activities, such as diamond painting, include reducing anxiety, improving concentration, and reducing stress levels. One of the most popular options in diamond painting is to recreate personal photos, so think about turning that image of women laughing at your last girls' trip, the too-cute-to-be true photo of your furry friend curled up on the couch or that cherished family photo into a unique and brilliant work of art.

Scientists have discovered lower rates of dementia in people who have a consistent meditation practice, and activities such as diamond painting can help achieve some of the same long-term effects on their mental and physical health. The canvas allows users to quickly see colors to avoid eye strain, while the adhesive is strong enough to ensure that the diamonds stay in place even if they are displayed on a wall.

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